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Virtual Reality Using Unity

Welcome to the thrilling realm of Virtual Reality (VR) with Unity! In this course, we'll embark on an exhilarating journey into the boundless possibilities of VR and show you how Unity can help you craft immersive experiences that transport users to entirely new digital worlds.

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  • 33 lessons
Course Introduction

Installing Unity

Building Our First VR Project

Importing XR Interaction Tools

Importing Game Assets .And XR Origin Setup

Optimizing And Building Our Project

Intro To Grabbing Part 1

Intro To Grabbing Part 2

Locomotion With Joystick

UI Interactions

Section Introduction

Creating New Project And Importing Assets

Building The Project Through Oculus Integration Asstes Pack

Continuous Movement Using Oculus Integration

Oculus Controller And Custom Hands

Basic Teleportation

Basic Grabbing

Distance Grabbing

UI Interaction

Section Introduction

Creating New Project And Importing Assets

VR Pushable Button Basics

Building Our Lobby Scene Through Oculus Integration Package

Scene Loading In VR Part 1

Loading Scene Using Compositor Layer Part 2

Random Cube Spawning Mechanism

VR Shooting With Pistol

VR Slice Part 1

VR Slice Part 2

VR Slice Part 3

Adding Controller Vibration

Score Manager

Polishing Our Game