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Fundamentals of OpenCV for Beginners

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to read and manipulate images and videos, resize and crop images, work with different color spaces, perform image translations and rotations, apply blur and grayscale filters, and even detect shapes and faces in images. You'll also discover how to add shapes and texts to images, split and merge color channels, perform bitwise operations, and compute image histograms.

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  • 24 lessons

Introduction to OpenCV

Reading Image

Reading Videos and Webcam

Resizing Images

Cropping Images

Color Spaces

Image Translation

Image Translation Demo

Image Rotation

Image Rotation Demo

Grayscale Images

Wrap Perspective

Blur Images

Add Shapes

Add Text

Split Color Channel

Bitwise Operation

Mask Images

Histogram Computations

Edge Detection Using Lapacian

Edge Detection Using Sobel Kernal

Shape Detection

Face Detection