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C# Game Development Using Unity for Beginners

Learn C# game development using Unity to create two real-world games. Master programming fundamentals, game mechanics and much more. Unlock your creativity and develop skills for crafting engaging gaming experiences.

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Installing Unity and Visual Studio Code

Introduction to the Unity Editor

Creating Our First GameObject

Creating a Scene In Unity

What is Prefabs

Your First Script

Section Overview

Obstacle Course - Game Design

Start() and Update()

What is Variable

Implementing Variables in Our C Sharp Script

Rules for Naming a Variable

Serialize Fields

Script Formatting and Input System



Basic Collision

What are Methods

Practicing with Methods

Using On Collision Enter

Using GetComponent

Incrementing a Score

Using Time.time

IF Statements

Caching a Reference

Using Tags

Rotate an Object

Preparing Our Prefabs

Build An Obstacle Course

Section WrapUp

Onion Design

Unity Units

Video Missing 3.5 Need to add

Basic Input Binding

Using AddRelativeForce

Variable for Thrusting

Transform.Rotate Our Rocket

RigidBody Constraints

Unity Audio Introduction

Play AudioSource SFX

Switch Statements

ReSpawn Using Scene Manager

Load Next Level

Using Invoke

Multiple Audio Clips

Bool State for a Variable

Make Rocket Look Spiffy

How to Trigger Particles

Particles For Rocket Boosters

Add Cheat Debug Keys

Make Environment from Cubes

Add Lights in Unity

Moving Obstacle Using Code


Protect Aginst NaN Error

Quit Application

Designing Level Moments

Building Our Game Object

Rocket Booster - Section Wrapup