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C# Game Development Using Unity Intermediate

In this C# intermediate game development using Unity course, you'll focus on creating sophisticated 3D games. Dive into advanced mechanics, AI, and multiplayer functionalities to elevate your game development expertise.

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Section Introduction

Game Design

How to Add Terrain

Unity Terrain

Importing Assets From Unity Asset Store

Texturing Terrain In Unity

Adding Tree to Terrain

Adding Player to Unity

Master Timeline For Player

Animate Enemy Using Timeline

Importing Player Ship Asset

Using GetAxis For Movement

New Unity Input System

Start Moving Our Player

Moving Player Using Input

Using MathF Clamp To Constraint Movements

How To Set Local Rotation

Rotate Ship With Position And Throw

Particle System Laser Bullet

Setting Up Firing Input

Arrays And Foreach Loops

Deactivating Particle System Emission

Header and Tooltip Attributes

Tune And Tweak

Understanding Collision and Triggers

Detecting Particle Collision

Relaod Level

Creating Particle Explosion Effect

Trigger Player Explosion

Instantiate at Runtime

Destroying Instantiated Game Objects

Public Mehtods In Unity C Sharp

Simple Interface For Score

ToString To Display Score

Enemy Hit Points

Setup Enemy Prefabs

Using FindWithTag

Control Tracks For Enemy Waves

Singletton Pattern For Music Player

Sneaky Explosion VFX

Skybox And Lighting