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C# Game Development Using Unity Advance

In the C# game development using Unity Advance course, master advanced techniques to create compelling 3D games. Explore complex gameplay mechanics, implement advanced AI systems, and optimize performance for an immersive gaming experience. Elevate your skills and unleash your creativity to develop high-quality games with confidence.

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Section Introduction

Grid Snapping

Text Labels

Coordinate System


Introducing CoRoutines

Importing Assets Packs

Prefab Variants

Smooth Enemy Movement

Detect Mouse Input

Targeting Enemies

Defending Enemies

Debugging Tools

Finding The Path

Instantiating Enemies

Object Pool

Target Closest Enemy

Currency System Part I

Currency System Part II

UI Text

Increasing Difficulty

Playtest And Balance

Sectional Break

Pathfinding Decisions

Pure C Sharp Classes


More Debugging Tools

Exploring Neighbours

ExploringThe World

Finding The Path

Blocking Nodes

Valid Path

Script Execution Order

Broadcast Message

Function Overloading

Build Timer

Post Processing

Section Wrap-Up

Section Introduction

Adding First Person Controller

Sandbox Again

Nav Mesh Agent For AI

Getting Stuck And Jittering

Enemy AI Chase Range


Attack If Provoked

Give That Player A Gun

Ray Casting

Enemy Health And Damage

Implementing A Muzzle Flash

Creating Shooting Hit Effect

Introduction To Animation Controller

Adding Animation To States

Animation Transitions Controller

Implementing Code On Animator

Use Animation Events

Player Health Class

Face To Rotate Target

Game Over User Interface

Buttons Working

Create A Death Handler

Using Broadcast Message

Weapons System And Field Of Veiw

Weapon Zoom

Basic Ammo Functionality

Multiple Weapon Creation

Weapon Differentiation

Set Weapon Active

Player Input To Select Weapon

Public Enum And Private Class

Different Weapon Different Ammo

Ammo Pick Part 1

Ammo Pickup Part 2

Lets Add A Zombie

Quick Bug Fix Challenge

Add Terrains And Trees

Pro Builder For Making Props

Pro Builder To Make Houses

Pro Builder To Make Levels

Probuilder To Change Textures

We Need Some Lights

Lets Add A Flashlight

Adding Battery Pickup

Display Ammo UI

Display Damage UI